Friday, 6 July 2007

A recent black and white doodle

This was a recent doodle for the sake of doodling. I had fun getting lost in the creation of this ... who knows where I might end up using it? It was very relaxing to unwind this spiral for no particular reason and I find the resulting rhythm of it rather pleasing.


Daniela said...

Kathrin, if this is a doodle, what are your real pieces going to be? And in your beautiful doodle I see spiral use (Module 3 - YEEESSS I do see spirals everywhere) and calligraphic use (Module 4).

Garnered Stitches said...

What a wonderful doodle! How big is it? It has a feel of Aboriginal art about it. I have posted a picture of the apron as requested!!! Will post some more once I have finished sewing fabric samples to the back of the panels to hide all the messy stuff!

katinspace said...

Well, the doodle is 30cm by 30 cm and was the culmination of a series of other similar-ish but more random aboriginal looking creations. I thought that giving those earlier ones a structure would help - and it did. It was very stream-of-consciousness (which is why I think of it as a doodle although of course it is a bit neat and tidy for a proper doodle) as each shape was unplanned overall but they each responded to the next and surrounding shapes. I was clearly mentally limbering up for the black and white module!