Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 10

So chapter 10, ... gosh, I found this unexpectedly difficult. I did spend a long time producing endless piles of chopped up paper rearranged into various patterns. I didn't like any of them, but eventually I did produce one that was interesting. So the next four pictures were alternative arrangements and I settled on the last one because it looks quite different and very random and the least identifiable as a product of the original pattern. So far so good.

So I started to cut and piece. Initially this was technically successful on the whole (although one diagonal seam did go very askew).

I randomly alternated forward facing and backward facing seams.

The first diagonal seams were ok, although as mentioned above one did slip a little(!).

The seams are still randomly placed to back or front.

The pattern was working out quite well until the point when I realised I would have to start cutting through seam lines rather than though the middle of a piece of cloth. At that point technical accuracy went out of the window. I had to cut through the line that I would need to sew along and so many seams were missing, misplaced, and at the wrong angle. But I have to say I rather like the outcome.

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