Sunday, 20 January 2008

A new work room

I have finally completed my new work room. This has been a huge undertaking, involving putting boxes and boxes of books and stuff into storage, then decorating three bedrooms and shifting the contents of one to the other so that all three are swapped around. Then every single heavy box had to be taken back out of storage and unpacked and sorted. The decorating was predictably not simple and straightforward. Instead of the walls just needing a quick wipe down and a splash of paint, each wall had to be laboriously stripped with paint stripper and then washed down before any painting could begin.

However now I have a dedicated work room (ok its still a spare bedroom). You will get some idea from these pictures. The other exciting change is that I now have a shorter working week which gives me a day in the week I can dedicate to getting on with the course!! YEY!!

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Garnered Stitches said...

Well done, it's great to have a place to work. It makes what we do seem more than a hobby or past time. This is a serious "textile artist at work" statement!
Looking forward to seeing what you create in it on the blog soon