Monday, 21 January 2008

Some progress, further distress, and a resolution?

Ok, well all three pieces have been distressed much further by fraying, burning back the edges with a heat tool and introducing some holes through the felt:

Picture 1 - The top fabric has been pruned backed to show much more of the layers beneath (25cm x 25cm)

Picture 2 the straight edges have been cut and burnt back and some minor holes introduced (21 x 21cm)

Picture 3 Likewise cut and burnt back to reduce the piece (19 x 19 cm)

When laid out on the proposed backing fabric it looks out of balance to me.

So I have tried adding extra sheer fabric behind the second and third pieces, although the amount gets less for each piece. See picture 5 below:

However, are the sheer fabrics behind too straight and is there now too much going on? Do I need to remove some of the backing fabrics to lighten it up a bit?

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Garnered Stitches said...

Thanks for leaving a comment about my second blog. I keep wittering on most days as I blog so it's nice to know someone's reading them!

How are you doing with this module?
The pieces shown so far are wonderful.