Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Chapter 5 - Making patterned papers

1. Ink marks

Made with a variety of cardboard combs and brushes of varying sizes

2. Bleach

3. Monoprinting from glass
I first tried using acrylic but quickly decided that it dried too fast so moved on to a mix of pva glue and black ink which was much better. Some of these are patterns 'stamped' onto the glass, others are paint spread over the glass then manipulated by moving the paint around or removing it. Also some secondary prints.

4. Rubbings
Rubbings from 'wire tray and pizza pan in combination', woven bin, brickwork, a round seive and the tread of a stepper exercise machine:

Rubbings from pizza tray, funnel shaped seive and the granite slab in front of my fireplace

Rubbings from a woven basket, wire basket and woven rubbish bin:

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