Saturday, 14 June 2008

odds and ends

I decided to do a bit more machine stitching and used some of the threads that were too thick or too 'bobbly' to go through the bobbin. I especially like the raised effect on the reverse.

couched thick threadsreverse of couched threads

more of the reverse sidemore couhced threads

The result of the arashi shibori from the previous posting and two further pieces. The first piece had one pice of string wrapped in a regular pattern. The other two were wrapped with two pieces of string and in a more random way. I rather like these although they would be more useful for projects based on bamboo or zebras.

arashi shibori

looks like bamboo!

arashi twig pattern

Handpainted with Marabu textil plus pen:

marabu textile pen

Monoprinted cloth. I think the squggly one is the most successful. I re-used the same pattern 3 times on the same piece - it looks like a lot snakes have escaped and squirmed all over the cloth.

monoprint circlesmonoprint snakes

I sewed zig zags of running stitch across this fabric, pulled it really tight then painted across the top of the exposed folds. It resulted in this interesting sparse pattern.

zig zags of running stitchzigzag result

This is the front, first with the sewn spirals still in place, then after the paint has dried and they have been removed.

sewn in spiralsfront opened

This is the reverse of the fabric, first with the stitching still in place, then after it has dried and the stitches have been removed

reverse stitchedreverse

The following three are pre-printed fabrics with further dyeing added


Anne B said...

Interesting stuff. Well done! Lovely graphic quality to your work. Keep going.......... Anne

Garnered Stitches said...

Beware, this black and white stuff can be addictive, to the point you can't stop - what happens if I tried this?, what effect could I get if I do that? You end up with some brilliant samples! Looking forward to seeing your samples in the "flesh", so to speak.

See you at the week-end

Best wishes