Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Are you left brained or right brained?

Try this out - it's fun! Most people see it very clearly spinning one way or the other and its very hard to "make" it go the other way. I do know one person who claims she sees it changing direction... hmmm.

The spinning woman


English Rose said...

definitely clockwise, but... I made it change, and then change back again. how cool is that?

JaneO said...

Hmmm - As far as I can see, she is doing 5 or six turns one way then 5 or 6 the other way then swopping back and so on. I thought it must be a trick question until I read it. Does this make me some kind of super creative nerd/geek or just a bit weird??

katinspace said...

I'm beginning to worry about my own brain. Everyone else seems to see it changing or be able to make it change, except for me. It just goes clockwise endlessly and no matter how hard I think about it it won't do anything else. Perhaps I need to stop trying and relax and enter a zen-like state. The only time I see it going the other way is if I have only a half screen open and can only see her top half ... then she is very definitely going anti-clockwise.