Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First beauty parade

Here's the main contenders all together for a group photo:

That's over 2 sq m of fabric and me, being me, there is more, primarily similar to the grey tie dye to the top and middle left. Well, you simply cannot have too much fabric (what a ridiculous notion!).

The three black fabrics in the top right section are:
1. A fabric with thick yarn couched on the reverse so that you get the impression of the yarns from the stitching on the right side.
2. One with ordinary thread sewn in many overlapping circles creating a lovely lumpy bumpy surface.
3. Black thread with shiny bits sewn in circles so you get lovely lumps and bumps and some sparkle too.

I've also been doing a bit of felt making for some dangly bits around the bag - more on that another time.

1 comment:

Daniela said...

I have my favourites among your display of beauties, but I won't tell you which they are, I want to see your choices first