Monday, 9 February 2009

It's nearly time for the auditions

No, I'm not running late for the BAFTA's. I am dragging out this last part of module 2 into a close approximation of what infinity really looks like or eternity really feels like. Well, I'm not trying to do that as some sort of punishment - even if that is what it feels like to you. I'm just showing each and every single step of the way - and the final assessment piece is a long hike up a big hill ... in a howling gale ... with a leaking anorak ... and ... ok you get the picture. And I am rather "over-egging the pudding" as I am really enjoying it now.

It is nearly time to audition all the bits of fabric for possible inclusion in THE BAG. I'm also lining up various 'bits' that might also make it onto the bag in some form, maybe as additions to part of the fabric or as dangly bits.

1. The felt base - I am still trying to source this, but I may be close to finding something. I did at one point find myself imagining that I'd have to make it myself, and then realised that trying to create a huge piece of felt 1cm thick was a bit of a tall order.

2. The fabric.
A lot of stitching later and I decided all that snow had subliminally crept into my head and then out again onto the cloth!

Cloth created from other pieces of dyed cloth torn into strips and arranged into a tonal column of sorts.

And then I went round and round and round in circles ... I wonder what my head was telling me here?

3. The buttons (it is starting to sound like a pantomime)

First all ebay produced some goodies (and you can find these and more at Textile Garden)

Then my experiments bonding felt turned themselves into oversized buttons (4 - 5 cm across and 8mm deep)

Then I played with shrinkles plastic and made these teeny weeny buttons:
the first set are about 0.5 cm across

the second set are about 1cm

Finally I had a rummage through an old box of family buttons

So it is coming together in diverse and tangential ways. Watch this space. More is coming soon .. at a cinema near you ...


Karen said...

Can't wait for the next exciting installment!

Daniela said...

Kathrin, you are producing amazing work. Please indulge yourself, we shall wait patiently for THE BAG

katinspace said...

My only worry now is that when it finally emerges THE BAG will be an anti-climax. The bigger the build up ... and all that!!