Friday, 2 April 2010

Cords and twists

Photos 1 - 16 are sewn cords.
1. Frayed fabric twisted then sewn
2. Pink chunky elastic cord with contrast light green thread
3. Green wool dyed by me and deep pink knitting cotton
4. Tights
5. Pink satin ribbon
6. Hemp jewellery cord oversewn with two colours of thread

7. 2 colours of raffia with bright green and deep pink thread
8. Fabric strips wrapped around a hemp core
9. Ribbon
10. Thick cotton oversewn with layers of thread

11. Sparkly green tape (dyed by me) with pale pink ribbon - one of my favourites
12. White and pink knitting cotton with two contrasting cotton threads oversewn
13. Green wool, stranded cotton and cotton perle, oversewn with deep pink thread

14. As 12 but with pink thread
15. Chenille thread
16. Gold elastic

Twisted cords
17. Thicker green knitting wool and dark pink knitting cotton
18. Sparkly green ribbon (dyed by me) with knitting cotton and boucle thread dyed by me

19. Thread dyed green and two types of perle cotton
20. Strips of dyed fabric stitched into lengths
21. Green raffia and gold thread
22. Pink satin cord and green and pink variegated thread
23. Thick wool and variegated knitting ribbon
The last unnumbered picture is my first kumihimo braid

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threadcircles said...

What a lot of work! I liked making cords it gets quite addictive and then you can play - reminds me of cat's cradle - do you remember that? Paula