Sunday, 4 April 2010

The tassels get more ambitious

I quite got into the swing of tassel making today. Here’s one that reminds me of a mushroom. It is made of stranded cotton wrapped around a disc and then bound with leather cord. It makes quite a handy little duster …


Then there is a very sparkly one where I have hand wrapped the head completely in silver thread so it makes a complete loop before forming the neck of the tassel:


Finally for today the most extravagant one so far. It is made from recycled sari yarn and strips of torn fabric. The top loop is twisted, then there are two necks separated by a wooden ball inside the strands of fabric:


While we are on the subject of spirals I can now show you a few of the fabric bowls I made and gave as Christmas presents, as they are constructed from a continuous spiral of fabric:




threadcircles said...

The tassels and bowls are lovely but frankly dusting is very overrated! I really like the silver necked tassel.

Maggie said...

Great tassels...and great to see you're on the move again! Those sari ends are terrific for so many things.

Anonymous said...

lovely projects - keep up the good work!