Saturday, 12 April 2008

"I can resist everything except temptation"

I keep up a regular email correspondence with Anne who I met on last year's summer school at Urchfont, and Anne has the good sense to be very strict with me at times. Emailing over Easter I warbled on about various other crafty things I was half way through and I was roundly reproved for neglecting my work on the C & G course. Anne, there follows the visual proof of my ongoing reprobate behaviour (look on it as a sort of confessional). There's the memory blanket I'm working on made from material from some of Emily's toddler clothes (why can't grown-ups get clothes that cool?WHY?!). Then there's the Rowan cardigan I have been knitting that only needs its collar and it will be complete (I'm knitting smaller stuff after this - phew!). I tried macrame again after many many years and made a belt which I am really pleased with. And I finally got round to uploading my collection of photos of doors and windows in France, and ordering a collage picture from Photobox ( I try to defend myself by claiming I am getting more rounded experience and one artform may inform another. Anne just thinks I am very very naughty indeed.


Garnered Stitches said...

Fortunately Anne doesn't send me emails! She would be doing it daily as I can always find another craft to be getting on with - except Quilling, life's too short! Apologies to Quillers everywhere
Best wishes

Anne B said...

I see my name is being taken in vain. Have left message on Alison's blog offering my services should she need a nudge!