Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Module 2, chapter 2 - tonal column in stitchery, and part of chapter 3

I ended up doing two stitched columns. The one on the left was the first. I kept adding to it - a bit of black here, some more white there, until it threatened to grow to several inches deep. So I tried another - and pretty much the same thing happened. There's only so much squinting I can do in one lifetime.

Onto some blackwork

I tried the sample on the left and while it gives the general idea I figured I could do better.
I drew the sheet using pink and black so I could tell one segment from another. I think it works out better and shows the concept more clearly.

Left - showing tone changes from different spacing.
Right - showing tone changes from differing thickness of thread but identical pattern.
Chapter 3 - machine stitching

Left - zigzag stitch, width 3.5 length from 0.3 to 4.0

Right - zigzag as before but adding increasing gaps between lines of stitching

More samples until the machine started to play up.


Daniela said...

I'm very happy to see you have started working on the new Module!
How does it feel to be restricted to black and white? At the beginning of Module 2 I suffered under this strict discipline but later I got so used to it that I was almost frightened by the regained colour freedom of Module 3!

Laurence said...

I like your blog. I have nominated you for an award as a blog that´ brings me inspiration and makes me appreciate the blogosphere´. Now it´s your turn to do the same for 10 others who inspired you if you want.

katinspace said...

Hi Daniela - I don't mind being restricted to black and white too much. A previous lack of confidence with colour meant I did lots of things in black and white. I think it will be much more of a problem going back to colour in the next module, but I'm hoping that all the things I'm learning about tone will help with that.

katinspace said...

Hi Laurence - I'm trying to leave a message on your blog but not sure if it is working. Well, thank you for the nomination - it is very exciting and I am honoured. I am finding it hard to restrict myself to just 10 inspirational blogs.

Laurence said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Yes, it's very difficult to find inspirational blog. For me, I thought during several days. But, to name blogs is very interesting to make them known.
Good search !