Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Module 2 has begun

The animal markings I have chosen are pythons. To the left is a typical example.

I made some pictures based on the list of words. I intend to make a few more a little later on, but these are a start.

Top left picture (from top left, clockwise) : sandpaper, candle wax swirls, then black and white pastels added and smudged; reverse print from next picture (taken at the point when I didn't think the next one was going to work); sandpaper, wax dripped over with some gaps left, black acrylic paint poured over, wax removed when dry; wax dripped on to palette paper, black paint poured over, wax removed when dry

Top right picture (from top left, clock wise) : 'snakes' of candlewax as a resist, snakes of thick black paint, then thin white; 'hissing' flicks of white paint a la Pollock; daubs of polyfilla that refused to do anything remotely interesting like crack on top of sandpaper; candlewax resist covered by white paint

Third picture (from top left, clockwise) : boring experiment in paint shop pro; polyfilla and black acrylic splodged on - but it refuses to crack even under duress; sandpaper with swirls of polyfilla (intend to do some reverse prints from this that may be a bit more interesting); more boring polyfilla


From left to right: a piece of dark paper was photocopied, then the photocopy was copied etc each one getting lighter and lighter; tracing paper and tissue paper strips; patterned scrapbooking papers; white pen stripes on black paper; black scribble on white paper; black dots on white paper

From left to right: black felt tip pen and ruler; flower stamp and black ink; white acrylic paint, white pen, white pastel and white pencil (a la Monet's waterlilies); black acrylic paint smeared on with piece of card; more very oredly white ink on black card; black paint splattered

From left to right: black watercolour paint on white paper with added white pencil; thumbprints in black paint; white acrylic paint; various shades of pastel; black paint applied with rag; black watercolour

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