Friday, 17 October 2008


While I'm on a posting roll and before it flies out of my mind, I also thought I'd share this one with you. Its called Block Posters ( and its a free site that enables you to upload any picture and transform it into a truly MASSIVE poster. You end up printing out a series of normal sized sheets from your printer that you can put together and use as a large version. I think you have to really want the particular picture as it'll use up a lot of ink but it might come in useful. There's a gallery so you can see some examples which are not that inspiring of themselves, but it could have some interesting uses for Distant Stitchers, apart from the perfectly normal and acceptable use of "pure playing". You could make a huge version of a picture of your work to put up on a wall to contemplate it. You could select just one sheet out of a big picture. You could probably do lots of things, but I'll leave it to you to have a look for yourself. Go play!

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JaneO said...

Wow - thanks for this link, what a great way to get larger images - beats fiddling around with a pantograph. I have been playing with one of the pictures I blogged about this morning to see what comes out.