Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Its all about texture...

These pictures all come in pairs - front then back

I got a bit obsessed with textures ...

1 and 2 - this is still a work in progress. The larger threads are 3 step cable stitch, with various stitch lengthes of whip stitch going diagonally.

3 and 4 - this thread is too thick and bobbly to go through the bobbin so it is couched on with random loops added. These could be left or cut and left as loose thread ends

5 and 6 - lots of whip stitch of various lengthes and widths in zig zag stitch

7 and 8 - layers and layers of zig zag whip stitch, varying lengths, varying combinations of top and bottom threads

9 and 10 - this is another work in progress. The spaces become raised so I want to work on this a bit more and modify the tone

11 and 12 - pure texture no added colour. Thick thread is couched onto the reverse creating a subtle black surface

13 and 14 - lines of straight stitch, with the bobbin tension set very loose. The white threads are building up a sort of ikat type pattern. The black raised sections between add texture. I also really like the subtle effect on the reverse of the looped black threads so may develop this in another sample

15 and 16 - truly crazy, lots of tight circles with the bobbin tension very loose - its actually even more textured than the picture seems to show

17 and 18 - simple black circles on black cloth, with a very loose bobbin tension

19 - a very restrained one in comparison!

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Anne B said...

It just gets better! I love whipstitch too. I like the way you've pushed yourself and your machine to explore the possibilities. Well done.