Saturday, 25 October 2008

Easyart and Photobox - a poster is not just for Christmas

Here's an idea for promoting your textile art. Take a photo of your work, perhaps the piece you are most proud of and turn it into a piece of canvas art for someone's wall. Or maybe take various shots of your stitching and create a calendar ... or a mug or a jigsaw. Christmas is looming after all and every year it gets harder to find something unique. If you've "got it, baby" why not flaunt it for the world to see? And maybe you're a great photographer on the side too and have some fantastic photos people would love to hang on their walls.

1. Great idea no.1 - You can go to the Easyart site, scroll down to the bottom third of the home screen and look for "sell your art". There's a one off charge here, depending on how many pictures you upload at once, but after that they can stay there indefinitely and if they are good people may buy them - and you, the "artiste", will get 20% of the retail price. Could be a nice little earner for Distant Stitchers .... perhaps make enough to be able to afford Summer School without loading the credit card? Over the years I've bought quite few different pictures and posters and they've always turned up quickly and been good quality, so I feel very happy to suggest them to you.

Oh and while you are at Easyart, do check out the paintings of Susie Lipman (just type her name into the search box at the top of the site home page). Susie is the partner of my nephew and she is a really talented artist with a gallery selling lots of fantastic art in Burnham (the gallery is Oberon Arts).

2. Great idea no.2 - Or you could turn your "piece de resistance" into a mug or a jigsaw or a calendar. If you go to PhotoBox you can do all of these things in less time than it would take to thread up your sewing machine, or unpick that last row of knitting. I've used Photobox for several years and they are a very fast and reliable site, and I think the colours and quality of their pictures etc are really good. Its also a great place to store your photos safely (its also one good way of backing up some of your most treasured photos in case your home computer blows a gasket or sets fire to the whole house). And they can do lots of funky things like turning your once in a lifetime holiday photos into a smart little book - much easier than fighting with those gummed photo corners.

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