Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bags of beads

Happy New Year!
The one creative pursuit I've managed to indulge in since Christmas has been beading (like many others I lose my sewing room over Christmas as it converts to its temporary life as a dining room, so whatever I do at Christmas has to be small and portable). Here are some pictures of the results:

Two big, fat juicy beads, one on a simple string of recycled sari silk and the other on a ribbon choker. On the right, some one and half inch tortoise shell ovals set off by some 'gold' beads; tiny red and silver beads on bright blue thong; and pink pony beads on a triple strand of suede and ribbons.

Below, the big piece of work which was an experiment in chevron chain beading. I had some problems with the thread and in the end tried reinforcing things with a thin piece of wire. I think it makes a little too stiff but it was a useful test. I got the basic pattern and guidance from a superb book called "The art and elegance of Beadweaving". It covers chevron chain, crocheted ropes, herringbone stitch, peyote stitch and spiral rope, and is carefully detailed so you can follow projects or adapt your own. There is also a fabulous selection of amazing beadwork to drool over. The second picture below shows three dark necklaces that could be worn singly or all together. They are a mix of black shiny seed beads and dark maroony purple chips, lighter purple chips and red ovals, all with gold seed beads.

Here the pinky orange necklaces are also designed to be worn either separately or together.

So, can't say I'm short of a necklace or two now can I?

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