Monday, 19 January 2009

Module 2 - the end is nigh, part 2.

I decided I prefer the fabrics with a strong pattern, and a lot of contrast...

image 1image 2

... and with the stitched and manipulated fabric I like the extreme textures

image 3image 4

So I will try and build my final design from these options.

Then, there were the further designs I did before deciding to alter the shape/length:

image 5image 6

And then I knuckled down and adjusted and redesigned to accommodate the new shape and to try and make sure that none of the pieces ends up either to small to manipulate successfully or too small to contribute to the pattern effectively, and here some possible ideas:

image 7image 8

image 9image 10

And finally I went off on a bit of a tangent and tried alternate bag shapes, and with and without closers.

image 11image 12

Now I guess I need to make some final decisions about which pattern and then make a trial version to test various technical issues.

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