Monday, 19 January 2009

Module 2 - the end is nigh! part 1

Well, I decided to make myself a list of things that needed to be done to get to a final design for the three dimensional object.
  1. Resolve the issue of the final size of the complete bag, and work backwards to check if the design, textures and patterns would work successfully at that scale (and adjust as necessary).
  2. Narrow down the choice of which dyed and which stitched patterns to use on the final design.
  3. Resolve the technical issues. First of all how to make the bag robust enough, secondly how to make handles that are functional and how to deal with the base of the bag.
  4. Finally, narrow down the design to a final choice and test some of the fabrics to see if there are any unforeseen technical or design issues when it comes to final assembly.
For the final size of the bag I cut out three paper mock ups and posed for photographs :
Too shallow, I think
Too fat (the bag silly!)I think I like this one

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